Duterte to knock on China’s doors for OFWs

Duterte arrives in PHL from India trip

Manila, Philippines – Following his plan to ban the deployment of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to Kuwait, President Rodrigo Duterte said he would ask China to consider accepting more manpower from the country.

“I will ask China to open its doors for us,” Duterte told reporters at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport during his arrival from India early Saturday morning, January 27.

The President said this more than a week after he bared a plan to ban the deployment of OFWs to Kuwait amid hearing cases of sexual abuse.

Speaking about the ban, he admitted his worry that the proposed decision could translate to opportunities lost. He also said, however, the welfare of these workers need to be considered as well.

“I fear the loss of employment opportunities for the people, but at the same time I grieve for the Filipinos for what they (go) through, and are suffering,” he said.

As fellow Asians, China will “not really (be) as bad as the others” said Duterte, who back in 1995 led a burning of a Singaporean flag in Davao City, where he was then the mayor. At the time, the neighboring city-state executed Filipino maid Flor Contemplacion.

Last year, Duterte mentioned that China would be willing to take more workers from the country. He said the country was interested in hiring Filipinos to teach English, while others would be employed as highly-skilled workers.

During Saturday’s press conference, Duterte reminded again hosting countries, particularly those in the Middle East, to treat the domestic workers well.

“I will not hesitate to lose your friendship,” he warned these countries.

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