Marawi residents allowed to return to ground zero

marawi city displaced

Manila, Philippines – Residents of Marawi City were allowed to return to ground zero on Sunday, after more than five months of clearing operations following the liberation of the area from ISIS-linked terrorists.

According to a report on GMA News’ “News TV Live,” residents were allowed to return to ground zero—the area most affected by the fighting and bombardment—on Sunday morning after the area was declared clear by the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Just last week, residents staged a rally to express their request that they be allowed to return to their homes.

Marawi was declared liberated from the influence of the Maute group on October 17, 2017,following five months of clashes between the terrorists and government troops.

While some residents were allowed to return home that same month, clearing operations still had to be conducted in ground zero to ensure the safety of the area.

Just last week, an unexploded mortar was found in Barangay Lilod Saduc.

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