Top internet users: Philippines ranks 12th


Manila, Philippines — Sixty-seven million out of the 104 million Filipinos – or 63 percent of the total population – are social media savvy and have been using the internet despite its slow speed, making Filipino netizens the 12th among the top 20 internet users globally.

This was the result of the latest report released by the Internet World Stats’ ranking, wherein the Philippines ranked 15th – or three notches lower – last year, when it still had 54 million internet users or a “penetration rate of 52 percent” of the populace.

China is at the top of the heap among the world’s internet users, with 772 million out of its more than one billion people; second is India with 462 million also out of its billion population; and third is the US with 312 million users.

Fourth is Brazil with 149 million; fifth is Indonesia with 143 million; sixth is Japan with 118 million; seventh is Russia with 109 million; eighth is Nigeria with 98 million; ninth is Mexico with 85 million; and 10th, Bangladesh (80 million).

Ranked 11th is Germany (79 million), followed by the Philippines (67 million), Vietnam (64 million), United Kingdom (63 million), France (60 million), Thailand (57 million), Iran (56.7 million), Turkey (56 million), Italy (54 million) and Egypt (48 million).

Internet World Stats based its data on country reports from the International Telecommunications Union and Facebook Inc.

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