NHCP warns Filipinos: Don’t patronize shoes with flag-inspired design

flag design

Manila, Philippines – The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) on Monday reminded Filipinos to refrain from patronizing shoe products that bear the design of the national flag.

In a Facebook post, the NHCP said the design of these shoes violate Republic Act 8491 or the “Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines.” It also reminded the public that the use of elements from the Philippine flag for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Section 34 of the RA 8491 prohibits the use of the national flag as “trademarks” or for “industrial, commercial or agricultural labels or designs.”

Netizens, however, were divided on this issue.

A Facebook user named Jeff Rant said he was impressed by the products, but he acknowledged that there are laws that should be followed.

Joron Lord Antaloni views the design as a “disrespect” to the country. He said it is not “artistic” at all.

Meanwhile, Chris Armamento defended the design, saying that it is an artistic expression that has “resemblance” to the flag, but it’s not really the national flag.

Toty Del Prado Pavia questioned how the design will affect the “dignity” of the Philippines, and asked if it is also prohibited to sell shirts and jackets in malls with “Philippines” as the design motif.


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