39 Filipinos off to EU to take MA, Ph D under Erasmus+ program

Erasmus+ Program

Manila, Philippines – Thirty-nine Filipino students are going to pursue their higher education studies in various European Union universities under the Erasmus+ Program.

The scholarship allows students to pursue MA and Ph D programs in more than one European Union country, giving them the opportunity to benefit from the academic expertise and culture of more than one university.

Ambassador Franz Jessen urged the outgoing Erasmus+ students to become ambassadors of goodwill and agents of change to help strengthen the partnership between the EU and the Philippines in a reception held recently at the EU Delegation to the Philippines.

He also encouraged the Erasmus+ scholars to give back to their country after they finished their program in the EU.

This program gives life changing opportunities for Filipino students to experience living the European culture, learning European languages and being integrated into the European society for one to two years.

Since 2004, more than 300 students and lecturers benefitted from the program, which covers air travel to Europe, tuition fees and a monthly living allowance.

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