Maguindanao faith healer’s body remains intact for 18 years

Faith healer Eyon Andres

Manila, Philippines – The body of a Maguindanao faith healer who died 18 years ago has remained intact and preserved in a bed covered only with a mosquito net.

Mario Catubay, a non-government organization (NGO) worker in Cotabato City, told GMA News Online that he heard about the story of the “mysterious” cadaver a long tine ago. He only passed it off as mere rumor until he saw it for himself.

Teduray folks of Sedem, Datu Blah Sinsuat, Maguindanao consider the fiath healer as modern version of “Jesus Christ.”

“I heard of it in 2013. Now, I see it for myself,” Catubay said.

Faith healer Eyon Andres, 33, died of unknown disease in 2000.

His body was buried shortly after his death but it was later transferred to a single house that now serves as a museum of his remains.

For 18 years, the cadaver has remained intact and has not decayed.

Andres was a well-known faith healer in the far-flung Sedem area in the mountains of Maguindanao province, treating indigenous group of Tedurays and Muslim Maguindanaon folks.

In his last will, Andres instructed his relatives not to bury him as his body will not vanish or decay.

His relatives ignored his instructions and buried him. But relatives said he kept appearing in their dreams, forcing them to exhume the body and transfer it to a single hut.

Just recently, the Teduray community constructed a better house at the top of a hill for the remains of their “modern version of Jesus Christ.”

Relatives have appealed to visitors to seek permission first before taking photos of the mysterious cadaver.

Faith healer Eyon Andres

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