Duterte retains ‘very good’ satisfaction rating in early 2018 poll

Duterte retains ‘very good’ satisfaction rating in early 2018 poll

Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte has posted a “very good” net satisfaction rating in the first quarter of 2018, a nationwide Social Weather Stations (SWS) poll showed.

The SWS, in a survey conducted from March 23 to 27, 2018, found that 70 percent of Filipinos were “satisfied” with the President’s performance, 14 percent were “dissatisfied,” and 17 percent were “undecided.”

The percentages resulted into a net satisfaction rating of +56, classified by the SWS as “very good.”

It was two points below the “very good” +58 net satisfaction rating, with 78-percent satisfaction and 12-percent dissatisfaction, in December 2017.

According to the survey firm, Duterte’s net satisfaction ratings were “excellent” in Mindanao at +82, “very good” in Visayas and Metro Manila at +65 and +54, respectively, and “good” in Balance Luzon at +39.

In addition, Duterte scored “very good” net satisfaction ratings of +56 in both urban and rural areas.

The president also raked in “very good” ratings in classes ABC (+63) and D (+57) while he posted a “good” rating in class E (+48).

Likewise, Duterte received a “very good” rating among 25-34 year olds at +69 while he got a “good” rating among 18-24 year olds at +48.

He also received “very good” net ratings in all educational levels.

The survey was conducted using face-to-face interviews of 1,200 adults, aged 18 years old and above, nationwide.

It has a margin of error of ±3% nationwide, ±4% for Luzon, and ±6% each for Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao, the SWS said.

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